Seaside and Beach Hut Wet Felted Picture

This is my new project and the stages it goes through, from starting with a drawing, laying out the wool and then felting it.

1. Drawing out my design, then painting it to give me a reference when laying the wool out, make mental note that applique is spelt this way and not the way I spelt it on my picture Ooops….
2. Lay out my base wool, layer 1 horizontal, layer 2 vertical and layer 3 horizontal
3. Adding sky shading and starting to put in hills.

IMG_25984. Beach huts, lighthouse, and flowers all handmade prefelt.

5. When I have finished adding all the bits I cover with netting before felting with hot water and soap.
Enter 6. Partially felted a lot more rubbing to do yet.
7. Felted, dried and ready for embroidery.

Woollies New Blog

          Welcome to woollie and Felties new blog where we will be sharing how to felt tutorials, information about wools, tools, and textiles, also general bits and pieces to help you on your feltie journey, you will also be able to see what is happening in the woollie and feltie world from where our next show will be to new products and woollie projects.